ewoman, the first Japanese company to focus on the importance of a diversity of viewpoints and its role in business innovation and profitability, was founded by Kaori Sasaki in 2000.

In 2018, ewoman launched the Diversity Index, the first index in the world to measure the true diversity of viewpoints in corporations and provides diversity consulting and bespoke training courses to companies throughout Japan.

In addition to our work on the Diversity Index, ewoman:

  • - Runs a speakers bureau representing Japan’s leading female executives and leaders
  • - Conducts executive searches for female and non-Japanese executives and board members
  • - Consults on product/process innovation and conducts research/focus groups for product development with a strong track record in food & beverage, automobile, housing, airline, and other sectors
  • - Produces the International Conference for Women in Business, the largest conference of its kind in Japan, in its 25th year in 2020

Ms. Sasaki is widely considered to be the leading expert on diversity and on working women by Japanese corporations and by the Japanese and international media, as evidenced by over 2000 media appearances and interviews and over 1500 speeches to companies and organizations she’s made over the last 30 years. She is also founder and CEO of UNICUL International, a communication consultancy, and founder and chair of the International Conference for Women in Business. She serves as a board member for several publicly listed corporations and as treasurer for museums and foundations. Ms. Sasaki is also the Japan chapter chair for the US-based Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and has been named a Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) champion by the World Bank

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EstablishedMarch 27, 2000

Profile of Kaori Sasaki

Founder & CEO, ewoman, Inc.; UNICUL International, Inc.; and International Conference for Women in Business
Kaori Sasaki established UNICUL International, Inc. (www.unicul.com), a communications consultancy that offers executive media training and translation and interpretation in seventy languages, in 1987. Known as an internet pioneer, she opened the first portal for women in Japan in 1996 and founded ewoman, Inc. (www.ewoman.jp), an influential think tank and diversity consultancy that provides marketing, branding, product development, and training to major corporations in 2000.

She also founded and produces the International Conference for Women in Business in 1996, now the largest annual working women’s conference of its kind in Japan with the longest history and highest satisfaction rate, which many Ministers have attended, including Prime Minister Abe.

Ms. Sasaki also currently serves on the boards of directors of major companies such as NEC Corporation, KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan Post Co., Ltd., and AGP Corporation, and was a corporate auditor for Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance. In September 2018, she will launch an exclusive membership club “THE BOARD” for active female public board members and entrepreneurs working globally to inspire each other and to accelerate their business growth and will introduce them to public companies as a board member.

Also, Ms. Sasaki is appointed to be a chair of the JAPAN Chapter of the Women Presidents’ Organization (US), the premier membership organization for women entrepreneurs, presidents, CEOs, and managing directors worldwide. Conscious of her civic duty, she also serves on many councils for the Ministries of Health, Labor and Welfare, of Education, of Economy, Trade and Industry, and of Information and Technology, including the Regulatory Reform Council of the Cabinet Office to which she was appointed by Prime Minister Abe.

Ms. Sasaki is a sought-after speaker who appears regularly as a commentator on various media. She makes speeches about diversity management, time management, and new methods of marketing to smart consumers. She has made over 1500 speeches in Japan and overseas, including those at OECD and APEC conferences. She traveled to over 30 countries as an international news reporter for Japan’s top-rated news show and anchored the “CBS 60 Minutes” show in Japan.